Signs and Notice Boards

Some great signs from around the World

Now I like this one... Ha ha ha ha

Ooops!! Shit!!

Well he did as he was told.... You're Fired!!

And the signwriter wasn't pissed?? I think he may have been!!

Very good I'll have the steamed Bison.....

I love this sign!! And they say Canadians have no humour lol

At least he is truthful Spare some change guv'nr

I hear there TVs are ass!! Shit!!

What a good idea.... Clever

I like this one.... she finds it funny too

How cool is this.... Doh!!

She must be to have stood there?? Doh!!

Where do I get a ticket?? Nothing like getting into a big hairy fanny!!

Any one fancy a pint? probably not, no!

Beats femfresh I suppose.... ladies, any takers??

Must get some.... Cool...

What will you be eating here?? Could be tasty

Urgent call is it? Good job it's not urgent

hmmmm who lives there?? holy mackerel!

Now this restaurant has to be popular.... I am hungry, come to think of it

Does he really want to advertise this?? Ha ha ha what a w@nker!!

Really? is this a free service? Cool

Which way to go?? ummm which way?

Really?? Oh, really??

Do we really need to be told this?? I do try!

I wonder if this is the red light district?? Ok then!

Anyone wanna go see this Film?? Wahoo!

Anyone brave enough to try this?? Yeah that'll work!

Anyone got the address for this place?? Wow!

Do you really wanna advertise this?? Right then ok....

Anyone fancy visiting this, obviously classy eatery?? Really fancy eating here.....

Where as here they must be queuing down the street! Sounds interesting.....

Well what now?? hmmmm.....

Another place that may suffer from big queues me thinks.... Sounds cool

I really wanna hear these people answer the phone............. Herro, Fuk Mi....

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