Some cool slogans..

A selection of great T-shirts..

So true! How cool??

This is great How cool??

damn! aha??

well she is being truthful.... Yeah but looks good nonetheless

Everyone loves a Buddy Christ.... Buddy Christ

Anyone hungry?? mmmmm

You think it'll work? will it work??

Are you special?? Cool...

Now this was made for me.... ha ha ha

Might earn a slap.... Ouch!!

I can't help it.... I can't help it! They're beautiful...

well she is being truthful.... truth??

Better do as he says.... RUN!!

Er, no thanks depends what sort of crack is on offer!

Fat, ugly biker??? can't argue with that!

Always do as you are told!!! I'm en route

Like anyone cares.... ok then!!

Cool kid..... Learning early

We like you just the way you are!! what would you do with a brain if you had one??

Really? is this a free service? Hi my names Phil, I'm a Gemini!!

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