Only in America, as they say!

All those things that you only see in America..

Now he's not a bright spark.... ...but he will be!!

How exactly?? Now I am confused

I shall take it easy then..... Ever felt so safe??

Riiight!! Ha ha ha ha denied!

They really need this book!! it's not rocket science!

If only he could read it!! Just needs to learn to read now!

And this guy is the President?? scary huh?

One more about Bush Not that I dare insinuate that he is stupid!!

You Bastards!! Scarred for life!!

Stating the obvious?? Death is pretty final, I think!

In his case I think that could be a lie, what do ya think?? Forrest ring any bells?? No, but Quasimodo does!

I don't think I'll bother bidding on this item.... Anyone for coffee??

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