Other Stuff

All the funnies that don't drop in a slot

Cool mirror..... Yeah it is nicely decorated!!

How's that for a final solution?? You are the weakest link, Goodbye!!

Explain this job!! Well you see, I take fudge and....

Here's a problem... Fuck it, I didn't want to fly anyway ha ha

Move calmly to the beach..... SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!

Take note.... Damn, that includes me then lol!!

This is soooo cool!! ha ha ha!!

Waazzup??!! Cool!!

Easter is cancelled folks!! ha ha ha!!

Caution, twisting may cause you to skid!! FREAK!!

Absolute Bastard!! Change of underwear imminent!!

Disaster on Merseyside.. A A A Calm down!!

Ok, where's Tweety?? Where's the budgie??

I hope you all feel totally ashamed of yourselves now!! You nasty b@!*ards!!

Good Job they have nine lives!! As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

Two possible reasons why Argentina are out of the World Cup!! That nasty man is gonna kick a ball at us! Now those really are the Grapes of Wrath!!

What is that you eat at the Chinese?? You don't say!!

Ok as you are still here take a look at this picture and tell me what is wrong with it and no it is not the curtains! Some of you may already have done this however, everyone loves a challenge!!

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