Gulf War II

Black Hawk Landing
Black Hawk taking off
Jo and Anna, thanx for the laughs!!
prior to roof installation
The bunker entrance.....
CP with bunker in foreground
The signallers bunker
some bald geezer outside the CP
Inside the bunker!  Cool!
The lads with Tote board
a couple of confiscated RPGs
Darth Vader pays a visit
He looks friendly..... not!
a new pet perhaps?
Ok, I thought it was funny!
Anyone lost this??
Post first scud alert
American MPs, they thought we were so cool hahahahaha
No photography? good job we are this side of the sign lol
I say old man, which way is Iraq??
So where was Iraq again?
Ahh, here it is!
Saddam mural, Umm Qasr
Out on the road
Having a laugh!
Get some!!!!
Lounging about
Clag anyone?
We are the boys, the boys are here.....
Puma leaving Coyote
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